Our Story

David and Sharon Moore (Your hosts)

David and Sharon sat together

Your hosts, David and Sharon realised their life long dream when they purchased Chateau Les Villettes in 2020.

Born in Cleethorpes David, an astute business man, owned and ran a very successful business in the Humberside region for several years in the packaging industry. He has only recently retired from his business prior to moving to France.

Sharon is also from the Lincolnshire area and has worked in various roles in the hospitality industry. She has worked as an air stewardess and has run a Marrakech Riad in the past.

More recently Sharon managed a chateau in the Loire valley and was the proprietor of a Moroccan themed private dining restaurant in the United Kingdom.

Within France David and Sharon owned and successfully ran a Chambre D’Hote in the old dentists house in the picturesque town of Confolens. The ground floor of the Chambre D’Hote was occasionally opened as an Alice in Wonderland themed tea room. During the annual Confolens festival cream teas, using locally produced clotted cream, would be a popular offering.

Both David and Sharon love entertaining guests and have a flair for creating themed events with an attention to detail.

Their past involvement in business, charity and hospitality events has fully equipped them with the knowledge and experience of how to create and host a  range of events as well as providing luxury accommodation in a welcoming atmosphere.

The Chateau’s History


Isabelle Fleury (2014 – 2020)

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Nicholas and Pamela Moore (2005 – 2014)

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The Faure Family (1939 – 2005)

Simone (née Lanquetin) was the daughter of Arthur Lanquetin. An active commander, who died on the battlefield in 1915 at the Ferme de Navarin (Champagne). Simone was only 8 years old at the time.

Simone married Jacques Faure in 1930. At age 32 (in 1939) Simone inherited Chateau Les Villettes from her cousin. They moved into the house with their 5 children.

When the 2nd world war broke out they helped to house many refugees, family members and friends, driven out by the German army. They had 7 children of their own but they also helped a jewish family from eastern France by lodging their 4 year old daughter under the guise that she was their little cousin. The parish priest of Saint-Just-le-Martel established a Catholic baptismal certificate in favour of the little girl, Viviane, to help with the ruse.

Vivienne later took steps to honour the couple. General Jacques Faure and his wife Simone were posthumously awarded the Righteous Among the Nations medal at the town hall of the 12th arrondissement of Paris on January 11, 2005.

General Jacques Faure died in 1993 but his wife Simone stayed on at Chateau Les Villettes and celebrated her 90th birthday there in August 1997. However the following month she signed the house over to her children and grandchildren.

Her son Pierre Faure took over ownership of the house and stayed there until 2005.

Owner Unknown (1918)

The chateau was open as a summer camp for the protection of orphans of the war.

Owner Unknown (1845)

Chateau Les Villettes was built in 1845 for persons unknown . Please wait whilst we verify the details.